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  • haywards heath leather goods
  • haywards heath leather goods
  • haywards heath leather goods

Haywards Heath Leather Goods

Haywards Heath Leather Goods: located in The Orchards Shopping Centre in Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath Leather Goods has been used as a heading because we wanted you to find us. When it comes to offering a fantastic local range of leather goods we have lots to choose from so it would be silly to keep that to ourselves wouldn’t it? We have a shop in The Orchards Shopping Centre in Haywards Heath so if you were looking online for a Haywards Heath Leather Goods then we are happy to say that your search is over!

Our leather goods range is well worth a look and we have plenty of purses, wallets and similar leather items for sale. All sourced from the best quality suppliers so you know you’re buying an excellent product.

Haywards Heath Leather Goods servicing surrounding areas

Our leather goods range is popular with customers living and working in surrounding areas to Haywards Heath such as Lindfield, Cuckfield, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Chailey, Newick, Scaynes Hill, East Grinstead, Crawley, Brighton and Horsham. We have customers coming from all over!

If you are looking for leather goods and you are not sure if we cover what you want then just call us on 01444 412521 before setting off. Our friendly staff are here to help and we will quickly assess what you need and provide a recommendation of the most suitable products available before you start your journey.

Call us now on 01444 412521 to discuss a project

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Hear from The Orchards Centre Manager

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Locks & Cobblers. My family and I have used Matt and his staff many times for keys and shoe repairs and the service is superb.
Henry Laker, Haywards Heath